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Think On These Things!
​Dear Members & Friends Of Archdale Wesleyan Church,
     We are glad to be able to worship again in our sanctuary on Sunday mornings. We are still adhering to the social distancing directives of our state, so we welcome all of our folks back as soon as you feel comfortable about coming. We are averaging about 20 coming to services, so hopefully more of you will come back this week. Please don't forget to send your offerings in so we won't have to borrow money to pay the bills. It is important we stay current as best as we can. We met  Sunday May 31 as a local church conference and affirmed that we would continue with our church officers from last year to hold one more year of office. We gave the church the opportunity to speak out for or against that decision and heard nothing negative. Barry Brown has stepped down as treasurer after 35 years of service to the church, but he is filling the position of trustee vacated by Kevin Reddick. Debbie Clodfelter has been asked to fill the treasurer's position and appointed by the LBA with authority given to the LBA by the local church conference.
We hope to have a good summer, but know it will be different. Please be as faithful as you can during these trying times, and be in as many services as possible. God bless you all!!!

Pastor Ron
Scripture Of The Month:
"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28 
June Birthdays:
Dalton Keaton June 24
MacKenzie Thomas June 28
(Please bear with us for we do not have all the birth dates yet-please send me ones in June missing)
Joke Of The Month: May
Did Adam ever have a date with Eve???
June 2020 Announcements:
​     We are planning a community fellowship inviting all of our community neighbors whenever we feel it is a feasible time that folks will feel comfortable about coming to the church for an outside event. We plan a cook-out event with children and adult games such ashore shoes, badminton, volleyball, blowup house for kids along with face painting, outside bowling, and group games. We will be serving hotdogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings. Please keep this in mind while we wait and see what the new phase of social distancing will brings. 
     Don't forget Father's Day on June 21 as we honor our fathers.
    Children's and youth camps have been canceled in the overnight stays, but plans are being made for some day camps near the end of the summer. 
     We plan to have a church work day soon to take care of some items on the church grounds and buildings that need attention. We will keep you informed about those dates. 

Pastor Ron Jones
May 2020
No Adam did not have a date with Eve. Instead he had an apple!!!!
Joke Of The Month: June
What do they call pastors in Germany?